Chiem Kraaijvanger

Chiem Kraaijvanger


Delft University of Technology & Leiden University

I am currently working as a researcher with CUSP Delft for a period of eight months mainly involved in spatially assessing access to solar energy in the light of a just energy transition and spatially identifying vulnerability to the impacts of climate change within the urban environment. I am a former Industrial Ecology master student at the Delft University of Technology & Leiden University and hold a BSc in Technology, Policy & Management and a minor degree in Engineering for Large-scale Energy Conversion and Storage from Delft University of Technology.

With a background in Technology, Policy and Management and Engineering for Large-Scale Energy Conversion and Storage my interests converge at the sustainable energy transition. Being passionate about a healthy state of the planet my research focuses on finding ways to support a just and effective sustainable energy transition.

For my thesis I looked into the spatial distributions of accessibility to solar PV resources and technical solar PV potential, and what we could do to enhance access to solar PV resources throughout society. I used spatial data analysis, physics modelling and social behavioural models to gain spatial understanding of the distribution of true PV potential, to in the end enhance a just energy transition.

  • Circular Economy
  • Energy Transition
  • Data Science and Data Visualisation
  • Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Sciences