Sahiti Sarva

Sahiti Sarva

Master Student of Engineering and Policy Analysis

Delft University of Technology

A well-informed argument is not defeated by an ill-informed one. Rather, it concedes to another well-informed argument. I believe this is best seen in the world of policy making. In that context, I am interested in working on how data can be compellingly used to build policy narratives. I am particularly interested in the fields of social equity, gender equality and education.

Currently, I’m working on identifying the leaks of employment opportunities in India based on geographic and social factors. The research is aimed at looking at the gradient of information asymmetry between the job and education markets and identify points of inflection.

Outside of research, you’d find me working on making games cheaper and more accessible to teachers. The core idea of this project is to draw from existing game theory and reuse time tested games for specific purposes defined by the teacher.

  • Social Inequity in developing countries
  • Gender Inequality
  • Gaming in Education
  • Data Visualization in Policy Narratives
  • B.Tech in Civil Engineering, 2016

    National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli