Tian Qing Yen

Tian Qing Yen

MSc student Communication Design for Innovation

Delft University of Technology

I am Master’s student in Communication Design for Innovation, a study focused on understanding the complexities of collaborations intersecting science, technology, and society with the goal of improving communication between diverse stakeholders. Throughout my education and work, I have moved between roles exploring the themes of experiential learning, academic research, community facilitation, and equity and inclusion. For my thesis, I will be looking at what meaningful inclusion of historically underrepresneted or excluded voices looks like within the data science community. I am motivated by bringing people and ideas together, and always open to connect!

  • Science communication
  • Community engagement and facilitation
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Transdisciplinary collaboration
  • Decolonizing research
  • MSc in Communication Design for Innovation, 2023

    Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)

  • BSc in Biochemistry, 2018

    Western Washington University (USA)