Our degrees don’t cost the same

About 10 years ago, I was awarded a master’s degree at TU Delft. Imprinted on matte paper in dark ink and wrapped in a cylindrical red tube, the degree was capable of opening doors that were otherwise not even visible to my next of kin.

Mapping urban form: A distribution of Points of Interest in Greater London

Introduction Many of us have experienced it: you wander about a city, and some streets are vibrant and abuzz with people and activity, while others are sleepy and deserted. What exactly is it that lends a place (or robs it of) its liveliness and candour?

Analysing firefighter calls on New Year’s Eve with open source data

At present an active societal debate is going on in the Netherlands whether consumer fireworks should be banned. This debate follows from increasing violence directed at first aid responders, annually increasing arson and damage to public and private property.