Centre for Urban Science & Policy

We are a transdisciplinary research group working to advance urban research, planning and policy in a way that strives for just and equitable outcomes for communities. We use a mix of computational spatial science and qualitiative citizen participation methods to investigate how social, economic, environmental and political processes shape cities. Our goal is to develop a body of computational approaches and curate evidence that facilitates a systems-based approach for urban planning.
Data-driven Modelling

We design computational tools and policy interventions using spatial data science, complex systems analysis and participatory design approaches to understand the processes of urbanisation in cities.

Transdisciplinary Approaches

We use multiple computational and qualitative approaches, and often with scholars from other disciplines, to develop insight into theories and practices of urban science and policy around the world.

Equity-based Urban Policy

We focus on how data-driven modelling techniques provide support to decisionmakers in understanding complex issues of urbanisation through a lens of equity and social justice.