Join Us at CUSP

Our mission is to affect change in urban planning and policy toward inclusive and equitable outcomes for deprived communities in urban areas. We value building social resilience before deploying technology without any meaningful design and oversight. Would you like to reach out for an open or prospective position? See below for more information.


We are exceptionally proud of all of our past and current master students who are at the heart of this centre’s success. You can find an archive of their work here.


We are always looking for passionate master students who are interested in urban science and developing a career in policy.


If you want to know more about our scientific methods, you can find a list of our peer-reviewed publications and current projects.

Open Positions and Projects

The centre reflects a wide body of work by dedidcated and passionate students and scholars in the fields of urban science, machine learning, complex network theory, modelling and simulation, policy analysis and participatory design. We welcome everyone and celebrate diversity. See below for relevant opportunities across different career stages.

Prospective Postdoctoral Positions

We are not recruiting any postdoc candidates right now. However, we are always open to applying for projects together or supporting external funding opportunities as a host organisation. If you are interested, please email us a CV and a brief description of your interests and how you see us working together.

Prospective PhD Positions

Currently there are no openings for PhD positions. However, if you are interested, please email us your CV and a description of your interests and fit with our centre. We don’t always have funding but we always respond and maintain an archive of candidates who fit in and can potentially expand our vision.

Prospective Master’s Projects

We host master students for their thesis or extra coursework in the form of a project worth 10 credits. If you are interested in working with us at the centre, write to us with your CV and a description of your research interests. Please mention how your interests intersect with the work of the centre.

Teaching Positions

Teaching Assistantships for EPA 1316 run on a rolling basis every year. We will soon launch applications for 2023 for teaching assistants and a teaching fellowship in decolonising data science education.