We are a transdisciplinary research group developing methods to understand and address challenges associated with urbanisation and inequalities. We strive for embedding equity and justice in our work and culture.

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Image adapted from the work of Sean Perez

Our Research Themes


We use computational tools to investigate how the intersection of infrastructure, governance and networked flows shape the socio-economic dynamics of urban regions.


We design computational tools to understand the drivers of social, environmental and economic inequalities in urban regions around the world.

Citizen Participation

We use participatory methods to engage stakeholders, including citizens, in co-creating socially resilient communites for knowledge and impact driven decision-making.

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Our mission is to promote equitable and inclusive urban policies. We value building social resilience over deploying technology that is devoid of meaningful design and regulation. Are you interested in similar ideas or have a project that you would like to develop together?

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Want to Collaborate?