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Current subjects taught by Dr Trivik Verma

EPA 1316 Introduction to Urban Data Science (Quarter 1 - 2021)

Learn how to collect, transform and analyse data using machine learning techniques for understanding urban phenomena.

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • interpret and discuss data sources that are usable and relatable for a problem presented.

  • transform data and consolidate all information into a dataset that is manageable, informative and relates to your problem.

  • describe and analyse the consolidated dataset(s) to support your problem with evidence.

  • apply models using statistical techniques and machine learning to infer results in the process of turning data into valuable information.

  • report results and reflections through visualisation, storytelling and interpretable summaries, especially when faced with a new dataset.

  • and hopefully get great data-driven policy jobs in the future, or go on adventurous travels with an open mind.

  • but most importantly become mindful of how ML and data can disrupt and impact the lives of multiple communities.

If you are a student and curious to learn more about urban phenomena, passionate about complex systems science and policy, or care about any urban sectors, reach out to us.

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A map of Den Haag, NL created by Bichi Zhang, an MSc student in Computer Science at TU Delft