EPA 1316 A Introduction to Urban Data Science

Urban plannners, policymakers and key decisionmaking stakeholders use data and data-based infrastructures to govern various urban systems from operations to planning, optimsation and distribution of resources. This course will introduce you to practices in data analysis and computational methods in the context of urban planning. It will illustrate how data can be used and misused, and how to critically evaluate datasets, models and questions that arise from them. While learning how to collect, transform and analyse data using machine learning techniques for understanding urban phenomena, you will learn about the process of data science and its positive and negative impacts on people and places.

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • interpret and discuss data sources that are usable and relatable for a problem presented.

  • transform data and consolidate all information into a dataset that is manageable, informative and relates to your problem.

  • describe and analyse the consolidated dataset(s) to support your problem with evidence.

  • apply models using statistical techniques and machine learning to infer results in the process of turning data into valuable information.

  • report results and reflections through visualisation, storytelling and interpretable summaries, especially when faced with a new dataset.

  • and hopefully get great data-driven policy jobs in the future, or go on adventurous travels with an open mind.

  • but most importantly become mindful of how ML and data can disrupt and impact the lives of multiple communities.