The course is designed to include two types of assessments:

  1. Formative : These are ungraded and are intended to a) fill gaps in knowledge for those who have not had any programming experience before and b) to serve as a refresher to those who wish to update their skills. They also serve as moments of practice and feedback so we can provide more comrehensive student learning experiences. The formative components of the course are:

    • In-Class Labs: During the scheduled lab-hours, you can work through the interactive Jupyter Notebooks with TAs available to help you and answer your questions. I advise you to go through these notebooks before and prepare a set of questions you want to discuss with your TA in class.
    • Homework Questions: A set of homework questions will follow the In-Class Lab sessions to further consolidate your understanding. To enable peer-learning, you have the option to give and receive Peer-Feedback for these questions in small groups. We have provided a list of Do’s and Don’ts in the lecture notes of Week 1 to help you with this. This is neither graded nor obligatory. However, peer feedback enhances student learning.
  2. Summative : These are graded components and contribute to the final mark for the course as follows: